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Advanced Morphology: A Development of Yin Yang Cells and Shape
Symmetry: Natural and Artificial. Vol. 6 No.4. ISIS-Symmetry.


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I propose to submit three or four bi-cornuate forms made of plaster and/or resin over vinyl1. These shapes began as topological transformations of paired discs in a manner that is a development of the work described in the accompanying abstract. To arrive at the hard form versions, inflatable shapes were made, then covered with fiberglass and resin or plaster. In the latter case the forms were then filled with foam. This made it possible to maintain topological integrity yet make adjustments to the original shape according to aesthetic criteria. The exhibition will consis of the forms with related schematic diagrams. [See (b,e)].

Bi-Cornuate (a)
This form is derived from mirror image pairs of the subdivision shown in (b)2.

Bi-Cornuate (c)
The original discs for this form are 36". The subdivision is identical to "Bi-Cornuate" (after legs). The difference in shape is because at point (i) a section of the "Skin" is flipped and re-attached. Thus one end of the form thickens to become a "foot" or "shoulder" [See (b)].

Bi-Cornuate (d)
Originating diameter, 36". The disc subdivision similar to the previous forms, except that a sliver, removed from the outer edge in order to bend the ends into a leg-like stance, was re-attached after the form was completed. In these works all parts of the disc must be used3 [See (b)].

Bi-Cornuate (f)
This form differs from the previous three in that the orginal subdivision is less elongated and because it is rotationally symmetric4 [See (e)].


  1. In April 1994 the plaster forms, though near to completion were "in progress".
  2. Exhibited in original fiberglass version in "Life Sculpture" an installation in the exhibition "Preparation and Proposition", Islip Museum, 1984. Posterlogue, M.Burnside. Review, NYTimes, Long Island, H.Harrison "The Workings of the Artist's Mind". Sept.23.1984.
  3. Exhibited 1989, Bertha Urdang Gallery, NY. Review: Roberta Smith, NY Times, Dec.20.1989."Could it be the 70's Again: An Artist Looks Back". Also shown in "The Figure's Edge" University of Akron, 1992.
  4. Exhibited 1993 as a work in progress in "Arlington Artists: Celebrating Our Own". Cat.P.Denning; Reivew, J.Fryer-Kohles. New Art Examiner, Oct. 1993.


(a) Bi-Cornuate (after legs) 1993-95, Plaster, 46"x110"x28".
(c) Bi-Cornuate (torso) 1992-95. Plaster. 74"H; 24" waist.
(d) Shanks 1989. Resin over vinyl. 40"x60"x14"
(f) Bi-Cornuate (Kiev) 1992-95. Plaster. 21"x58"x21".



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