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1973-74 fascinated with the experimental possibilities of flexible vinyl inflatables made elemental shapes placed in the environment - elongated cylinders, cone, and sphere. Also torus and cell-like shapes.

There were only a few environmental pieces. The work with the yellow tubes started out as a conceptual project marking the outline of the original city for the 1974 Columbus Festival. Though windy weather frustrated the effort, using the wind to fly the helium filled tubes over the State House lawn saved the day.

Some remained for a week as arches over the reflecting pools between the Front Street Federal Buildings. Later a set of three, anchored at one end so that only the wind determined orientation and deployed in Mad Pond (to the SW of Grandview's section of Route 33) were also successful.

Later, even though my family enjoyed the activity and the effect, the degree to which the lobstermen ignored both the Yellow Pods and the tubes floated on Casco Bay showed clearly that these pieces were merely gestural.


Yellow Tubes. Plastic. Various lengths, d.18".

1. Over State House Lawn, Columbus Arts Festival, 1974.
2. Reflecting pool, Columbus Federal Buildings, 1974.
3 & 4. Floating in "Mad Pond" Rte 33, 1974.
Supported by Art and Technology grant for Columbus Arts Festival, 1974.

Yellow Pods. c. 1973 -74. 7 in all. Each x. 54" d.
Shown in reflecting pool Columbus Federal Building, 1974.
Floated variously, Sebasco Maine, 1974.





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