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The conceptual work exhibited in the 1973 graduate thesis exhibition, "Alternative Experience with Form" followed an intense study of the figure and the lost-wax method for bronze casting. Then, losing interest in the results of observing the outer form, I began to think about interiors, looking out rather than at.

The egg piece , "Environment No. 1" simulates foetal existence within its lightless enclosure.

The 7' D, stretch vinyl "Sphere", gives an interior experience as it reflects sound back on the participant.

"Triple Form Identification" changes ones outer limits, giving a sense of becoming something else.

The large pods of "Hearts" connect two people via an extended stethoscope. With hearing as the only sensory clue, the experience is that of being an extension of someone else.


Environment No. 1. c 1972. Closed 38"x28.25"x41". Fiberglass, wood, tubing

Sphere. C 1972-73. Vinyl. 7'x7'x7'

Triple Form Identification. c. 1972-3. Three units approx 54" d.

Hearts. c. 30" x c. 6'x6'. Polyethelene cells with blower, stethoscope and pipe






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