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Antioch Graces - Sculpture

"Emergent Universe" is the core of the eccentric progressions. It was made by mirror matching repeated pairs of annuli differing from side to side only in that the radius of one was slightly smaller than the other. When completed I saw that it was possible to set up a sequence via which a shape, once realized, could dissipate either to re-occur later in a diminished form or could segue into a relatively formless surface. To demonstrate this "Universe IV" was made. To answer some of the questions that arose paired strings of annuli, each different as to width and diameter, were joined, as in experiments such as "Antioch Graces" and the "Asymmetric Graces".

"Universe IV" 1980. Vinyl ink on vinyl. c. 20'

"Antioch Graces" 1981. 40'xvarious. Acrylic housepaint on vinyl.

"Asymmetric Graces" (studio model) 1982. c.20' x various. Acrylic housepaint on vinyl.


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