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Commissioned through an Art and Technology grant, obtained by Charles Csuri for the 1974 Columbus Art Festival, I made a large two-part version of the Archimedes Spiral. But, not fully understanding the geometry or the physics of these pieces, I accidentally cut a larger flat vinyl spiral than could be used. The left over outer circles, with appropriate spacers, became the snake-like Archimedes Roll and the vertical DNA.

After getting a rough understanding of the importance of mismatching pairs of annuli, variations on the simple torus were introduced: Summer Helices made in the Fall of 1974 based on (c), and Dance and Untitled (Helices) of 74-75, a bit more explorative, based on (d).
Over time my work came to be entirely about spirals. This is because spiral geometry apppears to underly almost all natural phenomena and thus, in my work, is a metaphor for the life process. However, in 1975 I hit a wall, eventually breeched by a stumbling entry into three dimensional projection of a Yin Yang disc subdivision. This became the basic geometry of the Anolatabulata and Conjugate sequences which occupied the period between 1975 and 1979.

1. Archimedes Excursion, 1974.
2 part. Vinyl. c. 10'x60'x10'.
2. Detail: Archimedes Excursion.
DNA, '73-74.
Vinyl and polyethelene. C. 16'x5'x5'.
4. Archimedes Roll, 1974.
Vinyl. c.5'x25'x5'.
5. Summer Helices, 1974.
Vinyl. 10'x25'x10.
6. Diagram of basic plans include:
a) Potential c) Summer Helices d) Dance.
7. Dance, 75/6.
Vinyl. c. 3'x3'x30'.
8. Untitled 75.
Soft Vinyl. c. 3'x20'x3'.





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