• Table Platters
  •  Vessels and Vases
  • Bronze / Clay Sculptures
  • Bronze Sculptures
  • Sculptures - Matriarchal Series
  • Large Helices - Sophia
  • Large Helices - Archimedes Excursion
  • Painted Sculpture - Inflatables -  Turtle Nebula
  • Sculptures - eccentric
  • Sculpture - Into the woods
  • Topillos
  • Sculpture - Selected Beauties
  • Painting - Flight
  • Sculpture - UniverseOpen, (1977) as a multiple Urdang Gallery (1980) Vinyl. Each 12'x12'x12'
  • Sculpture - Man of War
Process artist whose personally evolved topological geometry transforms a cell like shape into multiple biomorphic, inflatable forms; all reminiscent of biological process, the most anthropomorphic bronzed.
Betty Collings: Organic Sculptor

Now expands selected shapes from this work into large expressive three dimensional paintings referencing galactic forces. Also develops multi-layered paintings and works in ceramics. Lives in Ohio U.S.A., and New Zealand.

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