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Anolatabulata Conclusion


This work introduced me to structure, showing that:

(i) A simple premise may lead to great complexity. (See lecture notes “ The development of a personal structure” for David Leach’s Generative Systems Symposium, Wright State University, 1979.)
(ii) Within a complex whole there are valid alternative constructs.
(iii) Symmetry, not only the basis for the construction and analysis of Sculpture, is the underlying element that guides aesthetic appreciation.
(iv) The Anolatabulata could be regarded as a metaphor for, as well as a means to understanding, the way biological diversity develops through incremental change.

Finally, through this series and the two that followed, I invented a new sculptural idiom.


Anolatabulata Photo Drawing, 1979. Photos and paper dots on card. 31.5" x 40"


The Title – “Anolatabulata”:

The work was named after hearing an NPR broadcast which told that, though historically geologists noting a specific imprint in rocks of all kinds dating back though time assumed they were made by a ubiquitous early organism, calling it Anolatabulata, it had recently been recognized that the imprint was caused by the always performed procedure of dipping the rocks in a Clorox solution. Perhaps a shaggy dog story but seemingly an appropriate name for my metaphorical family construct.



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