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Listening for leaks, King Ave. studio. c 1978.

Anolatabulata Revisited" TAO VI, Upper Arlington Municipal Gallery, 2001.

The Anolatabulata are constructed as follows:

(1) Two cell shapes are cut into two according to the yin-yang subdivision of a disc. This creates two pairs of single dewdrop shapes.(i)

(2) Each pair of dewdrops is re-joined according to the diagram (ii)

(3) Then the two pairs are matched together and seamed.

(4) This second matching makes different shapes according to the edge placement of one pair relative to the other.

(5) Finally inflated tight.

Technically the technique is a form of topology expressed via a permutative sequence. What was originally thought to be a source of maybe 6 shapes was fecund generating hundreds of shapes that after analysis compressed to 59 that were morphologically distinct. This meant eliminating all the degenerates and mirrors.

(i) Yin-Yang

(ii) Rejoins
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