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Anolatabulata was doodled into existence during lunch at the Circle Restaurant on Olentangy River Road sometime in 1974 as I looked for subdivisions of a disc that would extend the Large Helices series. Thinking that this Yin Yang subdivision would yield maybe 4 – 6 forms, using opaque vinyl discs 54” in diameter I started work Years later the end result, after eliminating mirror images and degenerates (similar forms derived from different starting points), forms that (due to all the points co-inciding) were either too difficult to construct or wouldn’t inflate, and limiting the infinite number of possible variations, I ended up with 59 morphologically distinct forms.

This is not to say that only 59 forms were made, on the contrary it never seemed possible to predict exactly what shape would emerge from any given starting point, so hundreds emerged and were rejected as mirrors, degenerates etc; the studio filling with these beautiful but mysterious clear forms making me feel underwater. Certainly over my head for although I repeatedly arranged and sorted them into familial groupings it was not until the help of mathematician Dr Phillip Huneke was enlisted that a coherent underlying topological structure was revealed.



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Home Anolatabulata