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Spirals All Ways - Always Spirals

The Carnegie Entrance.


At the invitation of Bill Seitz, Curator of Art at the Carnegie Art Center, Covington, KY an installation was planned for June/July 2003. Entitled “Spirals All Ways – Always Spirals” it consisted of an idiosyncratic collection of 14 pieces spanning about 30 years selected to take advantage of the marvelous space.

The exhibition statement read: “Since the early 70’s my work has been conceptual and experimental, with overt themes evolving to become a personal modeling method for understsanding biological diversity and the mysterious expansion of the universe. Initially trained as a ceramicist, I became very interested in Minimal Art; my move to Conceptualism and Process prompted by the way that Minimalism, in reducing artistic expression to its basic elements, permitted a fresh look at what art might be.”

Installation view: Carnegie
exhibition 2004.
Photo: Jason Geil.


Not Me (back view) with
St Sophia in background
at the Carnegie, 2004.


Dancing Genes 1986-2003. Acrylic
on Vinyl. App. 7'6"x10'x3'6".

Carnegie installaion view
2004: Foreground
Colored Universe app.1980.
c 12' h and d

Open Universe vinyl. 12'x12'x12'
at Carnegie, 2004.

As a coda to this installation the Carnegie requested “Archimedes Excursion” to feature in their September “Installations and Performances”.  

Archimedes Excursion 1974.
(two pieces app. 10'x3'x15')
at the Carnegie Sept. 2004.



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