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Universe 2009

September, 2010
After a long career devoted to ceramics and sculpture an unconventional approach to painting challenges me. In this respect the most interesting aspect is not depiction or abstraction of anything specific but simply colour itself so that the most satisfying piece is a studio reference rack of large sized color samples. The idea developed during years of painting on clear vinyl for vertical sculpture and multi-panel paintings. Now, with a mild allergy to vinyl, I paint on white blackout cloth drawing on an inventory of sculptural shapes developed over more than 30 years.

Two recent pieces in this genre, "Universe 2009" and "Turtle Universe, 2010" extend the Universe Series. Structurally both are based on a primitive, individually developed geometry; both adhere to the personal convention of using "paired discs." The metaphorical implication is to biology, to wholeness, to the Universe et al. Turtle Universe, is a single pair while Universe, 2009 draws together 4 asymmetrical annuli.
Turtle Nebula

"Octopus Cluster" 2012
Acrylic on Blackout Cloth
c. 38" x various

"For Spacious Skies", was conceived and planned as a celebration of accepting citizenship and an idea that suffered from procrastination until September, 2001.

"For Spacious Skies" Fall, 2001.
c. 23'x10'x10'. Handpainted acrylic
on blackout cloth.

"Thwarted Experiment" 2001.
c. 20"x40"x40". Acrylic on vinyl.
"The Queen" 2007.  
Acrylic on Blackout Cloth. C. 4' x 9' x 4' D.



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