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Stoneware- Handbuilt

Late in 1965 Dr Collings accepted an appointment at Battelle Institute so we moved to Ohio where Ohio State University's new program of Continuing Education provided the opportunity to do reduction firing. Initially I had the good fortune to be able to crash into the final section of the last three-part glaze calculation course taught by Edgar Littlefield. After a time it made sense to convert experience, New Zealand academic credits, and Continuing Education Credits, into a regular B.F.A.enrolment to graduate cum laude in 1970.

Iron Blue 1970. c. 22"x21"x21". Collection artist

Black oxide rub. C. 1969. c.30". Destroyed.

Rubbed Ash c 1969. 28"x28"x26". Collection artist.

Storage Vessel c 1969. 30"x17"x10". Collection artist.

Constructed vessel 1968. c 20"x10"x10". Location unknown





Home Ceramics and Figuration Stoneware- Handbuilt