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Losing interest in wheel thrown and traditional ceramics, I entered the graduate program at OSU initially concentrating on figurative sculpture taught by William Ramage. Later, in 1973, influenced by minimal, conceptual and procedural ideas as well as the cursory survey of Buddhist philosophy which was a necessary component of Asian art history, I presented the interactive Thesis exhibit "Alternative Experience with Form".. Family responsibilities and Bert Katz' vanguard seminar on the interaction between contemporary art and academia delayed a thesis presentation until early 1974 (1, 2). In the next seven years my time was divided between family, the studio at 780 King Avenue and injecting new life into the University Gallery program.

For pictures see  Conceptual and Environmental.


Ceramics and Figuration. Clonal I. 1971-3. Ceramic on plywood. C. 33.25"x40.25"x5" Collection Christopher and Kathryn Collings.

Clonal II. c. 1972-3. Ceramic on plywood. 33.25"x40.25"x3.5". …………… Collection artist.

Clonal III. 1972-73. Ceramic and Board. C. 32"x68"x11.25". 1973 - Thesis exhibition. Collection artist.

Landform I. 1972.73. Ceramic, wood, plex. C. 15"x11"x11". 1973- Thesis exhibition. Collection. W. Binnings.

Landform II c. 1971. Ceramic, board and plex. C. 23"x12"x11". 1971 - Graduate exhbition, OSU; 1973 - Thesis exhibition. Collection artist.

Genesis c. 1971. ceramic on board. 36"x36"x7.5". 1973-Thesis exhibition. Collection artist.

Eleanor Rigsby and Friends c. 1972-73. People sized. Ceramic and Wood. 1973- Thesis exhibition. Remnants collection artist.

Detail Eleanor Rigsby and Friends..

Three Graces 1972-73. Ceramic. Each c. 23"x14"x8.5". Collection Lloyd H. Siegel.





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