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Figuration- Mostly Bronze


In the late 1960's the figurative sculpture courses at O.S.U. were taught by William Ramage whose instruction stressed (insisted) that our efforts recorded careful observation. The sessions were intense, a pose was set each Monday followed by five three-hour sessions. Frequently we pooled our resources to pay the model for a Saturday session in order to satisfactorily complete a piece. Molding and casting were done after class.

Amy, Mask, SDS Student Model, The Half Head and the Ceramic Torso (detail from a full standing figure) were some of the pieces done in this context. The model for Bone was borrowed from the Anthropology Department.


Ceramic Torso c 1973. 1 of 3 from standing figure. 32.5"x10"x14". Stoneware. 1997 - Women '72 Revisited, ARC Gallery, Chicago.

Bronze Torso - Judy c 1973 17"x18"x26. Bronze 1974- Thesis Exhibit, OSU; 1973 Columbus Art League - A.

Amy c 1970 .Bronze. 15.5"x9"x11" .

Helga c 1975. Bronze. 17.5"x11"x14". Ceramic version collection Helga Scipione.

SDS Student model c 1970 Bronze.. 14"x8"x10".

Half head c 1970. Bronze. 13.5"x7.5"x7".

Mask c. 1970. Bronze. 15"x5.75" x6".

Bones c. 1971 Bronze. Two pieces together 5.5"x9.5" x 22".

All the above in Collings Family collection as of 2002.





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