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Thesis- Continued

"Cap of Sphere" made of resin, completed in 1974, gives the chance to really experience "spherical"

Attending a halloween party as a minimal box was the spark for "Eleanor Rigsby" a piece that accentuates the sense of distance and disassociation.

"Rolling Cone" (not illustrated) is the 7th of this series.

The transition from hard form to soft was not only labour saving but improved options for storage and transportation. Observing architecture students working on the Oval using a vacuum cleaner to inflate a huge bag/building made of polyethelene, my instant response was "that's for me"


Cap of Sphere. C. 1972-74. c. 15"x7'x7'. Fiberglass resin. 1974 Division of Creative Arts, Purdue University. 1975- Dennison University.

Eleanor Rigsby. 7 units variously sized. Ceramic and wood. 1973 Thesis exhibit "Alternative Experience with Form".

General View of Thesis Exhibit, 1973.

Herd. c. 1972-3. 6 units each c. 54"d. Polyethelene with blower. c. 1973 Cincinnati Zoo Arts; Courtyard of thesis exhibit.





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